I would like to address this letter to the persons who are strewing their trash on North Bay Drive (scenic road) from below the Hilltop Restaurant to a quarter of a mile — and beyond.

I picked up a garbage bag full, plus a five gallon blue bucket filled with liquid — in this time — trash found "Taco Bell" wrappers, a receipt — no name — darn.

A very nice man in a white pickup stopped and offered to take the trash. I was not done — so he was kind of enough to take the bucket.

We all are stewards of our roadways and waterways and if we do not protect and preserve our beauty — it will be gone — on POS last Thursday night — "Oregon Field Guide" — prediction — if the trash and plastic continue to be discarded in our oceans. There will be more trash than fish in just 30 years.

The trash and plastics, as we all are aware, in a huge problem — as every week on North Bay Drive it just doubles — I know it's all over makes us so sad.

Shame on the persons that are creating a problem that could be so easily avoided.

Jerry and Linda Dean

North Bend

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