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I ran into a lady at the post office who was in a really good mood because retailers in Reedsport were going to defy the Governor's recommendations and open their stores.

Way to go, morons.

She told me that there have not been any new cases here for some time. Yes, probably because people have been practicing social distancing and wearing masks. No one seems to be doing that anymore. I pointed out to her that the COVID-19 numbers are still going up. 70 new cases Thursday, 75 new cases Friday. She said the numbers are wrong.

Now people from everywhere will be pouring onto the Oregon Coast, coronavirus be damned. What is wrong with everyone? This social isolation has only been going on for one month. That is what held down the numbers. If we would do it only one more month, the numbers would be near zero, like in other countries. Not in America. Are you all such a bunch of babies you can't do something as simple as social distancing for two months to protect everyone in the country? Thanks to the moron advice from our idiot president, who only wants the country open so he can continue to make money on the stock market for himself, people feel that social isolation violates their rights, not that it is being done to protect people in the U.S. They refuse to listen to accurate scientific data to control this deadly virus.

Well, when kids start dying from the new mutated version of corona virus, like they are in New York, don't all you morons start sniveling and crying about it. It is your own fault. Get your head out of you know where and do what it takes to protect everyone in this country so more people won't continue to die. More than 80,000 dead now.

Nora Smith



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