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The idea of slamming local home/business owners with a $7-10 monthly fee on our water bills is incredibly inconsiderate. We are the people who pay the most to keep this community safe and vibrant. We are all trying our best to make ends meet. This is like charging interest fees because we chose to buy a home or business here. It is unfair and it is wrong. We just passed a tax hike to fix our dilapidated, decrepit and failing school facilities.

I suggest resubmitting on the ballot the gas tax. There are literally tens of thousands of motor homes and large vehicles who buy tens of thousands of gallons of fuel as they pass through our town. Let them pay to fix our roads. They probably use them more than we do!

It is time to quit squeezing blood from the local turnips. We have been bleeding too much as it is.

Jeffery Eberwein

Coos Bay

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