I watch and enjoy Fox News on TV. Also got the local TV channels, too. I was born in the state of Missouri, I believe that wonderful state had a motto as the "Show Me" state. Well? In Washington, D.C., the United States Congress now has what they call a whistle blower that seems to have partial control of Congress?

No name, no sex, no political party, yet seems to know more what's going on in the legally elected Congress (politicians). Whether Dick Anderson is Democrat or Republican, I don't believe the whistle blower should be allowed to influence anyone voted for. Watch out, Americans!

The Anderson family as follows: Father, Army, World War I, older brother, Navy, World War II, other brother, Air Force, Dick, Navy, Korean War, my son, Navy, Vietnam, grandson, two tours in Afghanistan, still in the Army to keep America free! Sincerely hope we had a reason.

Dick Anderson

North Bend

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