Congratulations to over 37,700 Coos County voters who exercised their right to vote in our recent general election. This represented almost 80% of eligible voters. We salute The World for its election coverage, as well as the radio stations and public and private television stations who worked to inform voters about candidates and ballot measures.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the League of Women Voters of Coos County was able to provide debates for three South Coast races, as well as interviews for candidates for Coos Bay and North Bend city councils. We wish to thank Marshfield High School for providing the recording studio and especially Drew Jones, who recorded and edited the videos and posted them on You-Tube.

We do want to remind future candidates and their supporters that one of our ground rules is that “No part of the recording may be used for promotion or abasement of a candidate or issue.” In the lead-up to the recent election, this rule was violated with a video clip being posted on a Facebook “news and media” page without our permission.

The mission of the League of Women Voters is to promote informed participation in government, and we do not support or oppose candidates for elective office. It undercuts our mission when our voter information is selectively used in a partisan manner.

For election information, voters may always go to our website at


Alice Carlson and

Frances Smith


League of Women Voters of Coos County


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