Vote 'YES' on Coos County Measure 6-185, the short-term lodging tax in Charleston. 

Voting 'YES' on Ballot Measure 6-185 is the right thing to do for Charleston. As a recently retired business owner of 28 years in Charleston, I know the improvements for all businesses that could be accomplished through this Short-Term Lodging Tax. There will be improved public safety for locals, tourists, businesses and fishermen seeing a reduction in theft of fishing equipment, personal property and business inventory.

The Short-Term Lodging Tax in Charleston will allow for code enforcement and will enhance the experience to locals and visitors alike as recreational dollars are spent in Charleston, Coos Bay and North Bend.

After two years as a volunteer at the Charleston Visitor Center, I can see the benefits this Charleston Short-Term Lodging Tax would bring to the Visitor Center. Working with all volunteers and no outside funding for years has had a wearing effect on the Charleston Visitor Center, housed in an old laundromat hidden by the South Slough Bridge. It will be a huge benefit to volunteers helping tourists, local merchants and visitors alike to have an improved Charleston Visitor Center with stable funding as a part of the Visitor Center's future.

Please vote 'YES' on Measure 6-185 for an improved experience for locals and visitors to Charleston, our Bay Area playground.

Margery Whitmer




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