Looking at Dallas Heard's legislative record, one would wonder why he deserves to be re-elected to his position to Senate District 1.

Beginning with his election to House District 2 in 2015, his record seems geared to enhancing his landscaping business by "reforming" landscaping contract laws, which are consumer protection laws.

He did get legislation passed rewriting the landscaping test to be available in Spanish. (However, applicants could already bring in an interpreter.) Also, legislation that a practical hands-on test be given. No funding was provided for this. After the funds were raised, Heard never visited the test but complained about its pass rate.

Two years ago, Heard introduced legislation to eliminate testing as a license requirement, thus removing consumers' protections from incompetent landscapers.

His concern about landscaping laws is ironic since he has several violations himself. In December 2010 he received a civil penalty for not having a landscapers license. In 2016, while a member of the House of Representatives, he was penalized for failure to provide direct supervision. (Oregon Landscape Contractors Board website.)

In 1988, when Heard was riding his Big Wheels, I became a licensed building contractor in Oregon. I have paid my dues and faithfully renewed my license. To do otherwise was never an option.

Dallas Heard's political career is self-serving. When critical legislation comes before his chamber, he retreats to his hilltop mansion.

The citizens of Senate District 1 deserve better. This November you can vote for a candidate that cares about ALL of her constituents. Who has the endorsement of the Oregon Consumers League because of her support of consumer protections.

You can vote for Kat Stone.

John Hunter




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