I enjoyed the “Meet the Candidates” article in the October 10 edition of the Western World. It has helped me decide how to mark my local ballot. My vote goes to all the challengers for mayor and city council in Bandon: Nancy Evans for mayor, Patrick Salandro, Robin Boyan, Geoffrey Smith for council.

Nancy understands the difference in Oregon and other states: Land Use Planning, and with the 19 goals in planning for Oregon, Citizen Involvement is goal 1. The Citizens Involvement Committee has now been incorporated into the Planning Commission.

Despite their statements, the current mayor and council do not subscribe to citizen involvement. Case in point: in late 2018 and early 2019 a misinformed “No Pool In Park” group worked around four months ignoring the 15-year effort of a nonprofit 501-C3 with over 350 supporters, a bequest of $2,500,000 and figures proving the pool would be self-supporting without need of city funds. The current Mayor and city council ignored the citizens, including a planning commissioner, and refused to hold a council workshop nor allow these hardworking volunteers on the council agenda. They ignored a “non-binding” vote of utility payers which did favor a pool in City Park.

Yes, there are many places for a pool in the park; this is just one sad example of leaders ignoring their constituents.

From their statements, Patrick Salandro, Robin Boyan and Geoffry Smith will communicate with all the citizens and not just the “good old boys.” There is useable land within the city limits perfect for affordable housing. There is certainly a need for walking and biking space on our most visited area of Beach Loop. There are available city assets for more revenue.

Ms. Evans, Mr Salandro, Ms. Boyan, and Mr. Smith will listen to ALL the citizens and follow State Land Use Goals for a better Bandon.

Myra and Jim Lawson




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