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Robert Redford was recently asked about the political landscape. He said: "What we're seeing now is the tension between truth-telling and the effort to stop it.”

He’s famous for playing Bob Woodward in “All the President’s Men,” however, he’s best known for his passion to protect the environment. Concerning the environment, it’s easy to see the truth has been tortured, twisted, and outright disregarded. Here’s a great quote to follow Redford’s: “But in the end truth will out.” — William Shakespeare

Even if someone has room in their heart for just one true thing or place, say the coast of Oregon, they must have figured out by now that it’s attached to planet Earth. How we treat that connection will not go unnoticed. If Jordan Cove Energy Project ever gets built, it won’t be because Earth, humanity, or even the gas market needs it. The only purpose JCEP will serve is to make money, and most of that money will go out of the US to Canada. Everything is evaluated on a cost-benefit ratio. Money made here won’t pencil-out against the money lost due to health consequences, environmental damage, and the travesty property owners will suffer.

Speaking of truth, there will be a lot of buzz about Jordan Cove soon and in 2019. Don’t let the hype spouted by Canadians and proponents lead you to think it’s a done-deal. The number of permanent jobs stated is dubious, because the industry is working on automation. Even if they get all the permits, it won’t get done without the 9.8 billion it’ll cost. It’s likely Pembina will need a consortium. Next comes the court challenges, but if it gets that far, it will absolutely depend on the gas market. That’s where it could crash and burn. There’s no need to believe me, just read this Forbes article from Sept.10, 2018 by Gauray Sharma: Next Wave Of US LNG Projects Lurks But Market Fistfight Is Inevitable. You can easily find it on-line.

Finally, our political landscape could use a change. Katy Eymann is running for Coos County Commissioner, and she’s a champion already working for a clean environment. She will focus on local jobs that depend on it. Katy will use her extensive education, knowledge of renewable energy sources, and her love for our beautiful home to put our health, safety, and economy on the right path.

Janice Williams

North Bend

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