To my fellow citizens who are registered to vote in the Charleston Fire District. After 16 years of serving on the board of directors for the Charleston Fire District, I have decided to retire that position. I was encouraged to run because there were board members who were not supporting the community and firefighters by refusing to spend money on critical safety equipment. That is why I asked Ed Powers to run in my position, position #1. He is currently a volunteer firefighter, with experience in maintenance in a major railroad before being a volunteer firefighter. He is very concerned about maintaining the safety equipment and training that has been improved over the past years of my tenure.

My primary concern is that the individual who is running against Mr. Powers, while serving in position #3, has indicated that he did not want to spend the money it took to maintain the safety of fire personnel and the citizens of the Charleston Fire District over the past 16 years of his tenure. This concerns me as Charleston Fire responds to an average of about 700 calls for service per year, which has increased steadily in past years.

Please help maintain the professionalism and safety of the Charleston Fire District by voting for Ed Powers, Director Position #1.

Darrell King


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