The North Bend vote against increasing the Public Safety Fee is LEGAL!

Measure 6-171, which was voted down by North Bend residents stopping the city council from raising the public "Safety Fee," is indeed legally binding!

The Coos County Electorial Commission has verified that the measure does not, and did not before the vote, display any wording that would indicate to voters as to the measure being an "advisory" vote, making it, as North Bend council members have erroneously claimed, non-binding. Our vote is indeed binding, it is legal!

Apparently, someone within our North Bend City Council, or someone advising them, has made the false and incorrect claim that this vote against the proposed Safety Fee increase did not matter, falsely claiming it to be "advisory" only.

This was in fact, either a monumental mistake, or an out and out falsehood ie: voted fraud.

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The North Bend City Council was made aware of this Aug. 12, 2019, at the regularly scheduled public meeting. Mayor Wetherell responded by saying he would "check it out, and do what is legally right."

Considering the fact that the council has been imposing a questionably legal fee increase for four months, we should hope so!

Doug Bankler

North Bend

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