Using facts and science is not part of the current United States government’s decision-making.

To some degree, this has been the case with any administration, but with this one it has really taken a striking turn for the worse. For instance, Donald J. Trump has shown that he doesn’t want to acknowledge climate change due to human activity and decided to pull out of the Paris Accord. Is the rest of the scientific world wrong, including this nation’s science community? But equally disturbing is the list of ways he is choosing to ignore more than global climate change. The boy emperor is acting to harm Americans more directly with his anti-science. You can read about it on the Union of Concerned Scientists website:

This organization has been around since 1969 to help our nation guide its decision-making and policy setting based on facts and less on ideology, by sharing information, seeking the truth, and letting sound research guide conclusions. The report documents the many ways Trump and the Republican Party is ignoring science advice. Trump has appointed individuals to science positions who are not scientists, often persons with direct conflicts with the post, and he is leaving key science positions unfilled. His actions have included removing science-proven safeguards (think farm workers and dangerous pesticides), reducing pollution standards, weakening safeguards in the home and work place, and removing or altering content on government science websites (check EPA and their home page from before Trump). Reducing public access to data on government websites is as disturbing as censoring scientists both in public speaking events and in their work places. This is not Democracy.

Science is the best method we have for separating fact from fiction, opinion, and untruths. Untruths for political gain is a fascist’s game, especially when mixed with racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and misogyny. 

We should be greater than that.

James Fereday

Coos Bay