Cults exist when people lacking beliefs dedicate themselves merely to a leader. After years of platforms promoting conservative principles, 2020 Republicans decided: “the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda.” This typifies the GOP demise.

Formerly a proud party espousing conservative principles, they have deteriorated into a simple cult venerating Dear Leader, an anti-science lying dictator wannabe.

Republicanism has become pure Trumpism standing for, and tolerating, nothing but Trump worship.

The exertion of raw power in the interests of imposing authority on the electorate typifies Trumpism. In Washington, the pure hypocritical Moscow Mitch and almost his entire Senate gang rejected the principles they self-righteously articulated in 2016 to deny Obama a Supreme Court nomination. In Oregon, the tyrannical 2020 minority Republicans walked out of both legislative chambers blocking over 100 proposals.

Trisha Vigil




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