Oregon has not voted to elect a Republican presidential candidate since 2000. Hillary Clinton received 1,002,106 Oregonians’ votes in 2016, the most votes for one candidate in the state’s history. We may see many Trump supporters around and think that everyone is voting for him.

The reality is that of Oregon’s 4 million population, approximately 2,600,000 live in the Democratic voting counties. More or less, the population centers. These population centers flex their muscles every election and get progressive people elected. If all 1,400,000 in rural Oregon and a million people from Portland, Eugene and Ashland voted for Trump, he would still lose by 300,000 votes. Trump can’t win in Oregon. It’s in the math.

That said, there will be no “conspiracy” when the state mostly votes for Joe Biden. Just outnumbered.

The dude with the Trump flag on his pick up who slashed our non-Trump banner; the 200 armed Coquille residents who were tricked into believing that imaginary group was coming to attack their “off the radar” community; the White Gangs planning to kidnap the Michigan governor; Timothy McVeigh and even the 9/11 hijackers are/were all conservatives. Great Satan, anyone?

Oregonians are nervous about some Trump supporters.

If you are patiotic, you know we have more in common, than not. If you are an armed conspiracy nut, Stand Down. There is no “grand cheat” happening in Oregon. No planned invasion by the city kids and blacks. Get a grip. Trump voters are simply outnumbered in Oregon.

Michael Strickling




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