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In the January 2, 2021 edition of The World, Letters to the Editor, Christy Ashcroft condemns a red faced “jacked up Trump truck” for expressing his opinion.

Oh my, how soon we forget history. Christy has forgotten the behavior of “red faced” politicians, opinion expounders (masquerading as news anchors), and journalists, on national and local TV, condemning and demeaning President Trump and his “uneducated” supporters these past four or more years.

To be honest, I do not want, nor do I need, a Socialist dominated government telling me what I may think, say, or do. As long as my actions and language are legal, (unlike Antifa up in Portland last year), I still believe in freedom, liberty, and self-reliance as a basic principle of America and our way of life.

While I did not support “Sleepy Joe” and have a deep distrust of the CCP I will do my best to support my family, neighbors, and community over the next four years regardless of the dictates passed down about what we, as Americans, can or cannot say, do, or must wear.

I do hope Christy is successful and enjoys her election victory over the next four years along with the increase in her federal and state income taxes.

Jim Jochum

North Bend


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