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Trump has shown that his ultimate priority is to evade blame.

His administration was warned in January about the virulence of the coronavirus. Trump called it, “A Democratic hoax.”

The U.S. confirmed its first case of coronavirus on Jan. 21. Trump said there was nothing to worry about. “We have it totally under control,”

By Feb 27 South Korea was testing 20,000 people a day, but the US had tested only 4384. There was a extreme shortage of testing kits in the US as the Trump administration refused to use to use kits available in Europe. However, a Chinese billionaire did offer 500,000 test kits free to the US to help us out.

By Friday, March 7, the Trump administration was practically declaring victory. “We stopped it,” Trump boasted. We know better now.

Then came Trump’s Oval Office speech, where he bragged, “Testing and testing capabilities are expanding rapidly,” A lie. Dr. Walter Mills, representing 11,000 doctors in California said, ““We have no local testing available, No one has been trained to do the test, as it is not available in the community.”

Trump also confused the coronavirus with the flu, not knowing that the first is ten times more lethal than the flu. We know how to handle flu every year, if people get an annnual flu shot.

At the moment there is no coronavirus vaccine. It can take up to a year to develop a vaccine for a new virus, but the sooner one starts on that, the better. Trump’s administration’s delay even in recognizing the coronavirus as a problem has made the situation worse.

The Democratic controlled House of Representatives just passed a bill to help those in the US who are and will be affected by the coronavirus. Where is the Republican controlled Senate? They left town.

And amidst all of this Trump refused to take any responsibility for the delays and inefficiencies of his Republican administration to fight the corona virus. “I don’t take responsibilty at all,” he said.

Harry Truman, Democratic president, had a sign on his desk, “The buck stops here.” Obviously that’s not the case with Trump.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay


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