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In an upside-down Trump world:

Science is replaced by delusional conspiracy hoaxes;

Street protests during his presidency are the responsibility of the other candidate;

A death toll closing in on 200,000 and a case rate that’s the worst in the world constitute success;

Inheriting a growing economy which plummets 33% during his Presidency while unemployment balloons to 13% constitutes economic success;

Incompetence producing thousands of needless American deaths is pro-life;

Federal goons attacking peaceful protesters and promoting a murdering Trump fanatic constitute supporting law and order;

Encouraging foreign nations to meddle in U.S. elections plus enacting a party platform that supports anything Trump says or does comprises democracy;

A record of 21,000 lies constitutes ‘telling it like it is’;

Claiming there are ‘good people’ among KKK white nationalist rioters represents racial sensitivity;

Promoting corruption means ‘draining the swamp’;

Destroying American health care is protecting health care.

Trisha Vigil



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