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Quite a few of us have noticed a couple of unexplained and disturbing occurrences the last two months. First of all, now that we are paying an extra $5 every month to support having more North Bend police officers, you rarely see any on the road. It's Coos Bay, Coos County and state officers we see all over North Bend. If we saw them regularly before the extra fees, then where are they now?

Second, where have all the speed limit signs gone, too? The only ones prominently displayed anymore are on Virginia and the main part of U.S. Highway 101 in front of the library, which is constantly ignored in spite of the flashing "your speed" sign. There are none on the main section of Newmark from Ken Ware all the way to just past the light at LaClair. They have vanished as well from the McCullough on North. In and out of town you can do the speed limit, or even at the allowed five MPH over, and be passed like you're creeping at a snail's pace. When did it become legal to go 20-30 MPH over the speed limit just because there hasn't been a sign posted for several miles or blocks?

I know it's the season of rushing around, but the speeding way beyond the speed limit, rampant running of red lights and stop signs, and acting like the rules are for everyone but you (especially SUVs) may very well mean someone doesn't have an intact vehicle, or worse no longer has a valued family member or pet still around for the holiday.

Robin Green

North Bend

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