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Last night's TV news suggests that local residents want more chain store shopping and chain restaurants on the new waterfront. We have lost Penney's and Macy's. The mall his vacant storefronts. What makes us think that we can attract and keep more chain shopping stores?

Visitors and tourists (as a volunteer I'd hear these things, "can you recommend some place not a chain for a nice seafood dinner," or where can we get something like mashed potatoes and a pork chop or meatloaf? I'd try to narrow down it a bit and hand them a local brochure for them to chose. We've also got at least several outstanding places for breakfast! Tourists (like me when I'm traveling) don't want to eat at chains!

Who is going to go to some chain when we have so many great choices already? Not me. I'd like to see a Moe's (with the warehouse decor like we used to have) or something more upscale, like the waterfront warehouse facilities at Astoria. I always thought that seemingly abandoned boat there could make a nice place to eat. Someone suggested another grocery store. Do we really want to see that waterfront property used for that? Why not acan recycle center or a place to rent an outdoor portable potty while we are at it and really dress up the area?

Charlotte Koepke

Coos Bay

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