The majority of Oregon’s voters passed Measure 108, which leads me to put pen to paper. I’ve always marveled at this state’s penchant to rail against the use of tobacco and then allow the state government to turn it into a cash cow. Wipe the smug grin from your face and think, doesn’t it seem logical that if this product is the source of so much illness and disease to prohibit its sale within the borders of this state? Answer: The proponents, as the state legislature, of this measure know that if they feed you a line about the safety and health of children as well as of yourself you will give them the opportunity to shove their hand even deeper into another person’s wallet.

The voters pamphlet told us that the administration of this tax increase will cost the state an estimated $2.3 million over the next two years. Further, it states that local government, the state general fund and mental health programs at the OHA will see a decline in revenue. Only in Oregon could you pass a tax and see a decline in revenue.

Another question you should ask if indeed this punitive tax has the desired effect and all tobacco use ceases is which minority will you allow the state to tax to recover the loss of revenue?

Gary Collins

Myrtle Point


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