It is time for Coos County and the Port of Coos Bay to pull the plug on the Pembina Jordan Cove project. The Oregon DEQ just denied the project’s water qualification certification.

Basically the state said that the Jordan Cove project’s construction and operation of the proposed pipeline and associated road and work areas would have an adverse effect on water temperature and sediment in streams and wetlands that the pipeline would cross.

In addition there is an inherent risk of release of drilling materials from the construction of the proposed crossing of the Coos Bay estuary.

All I can say to both of these adverse risks to water quality along the pipeline is “duh.” It is obvious that digging a 200-mile ditch would negatively affect wherever it goes.

If Pembina and its supporters think that a pipeline can be dug over 200 miles of Oregon hills, across numerous rivers and streams, and then through the bottom of Coos Bay without causing turbulence and sediment deposits, then they are more stupid than they appear or they are pulling a great sham and scam over the citizens of Oregon.

Pembina has already recognized that perhaps they are putting too much money into this project. They have recently cut back on the noxious and misleading ads we have been seeing and hearing in the media.

The price of LNG has fallen in the Asian markets that Pembina proposes to sell their LNG to. It is possible that another gas line currently being considered in British Columbia will be completed before this one in Oregon. Then there would be no need for this pipeline in our neighborhood, but we would be left with piles of debris and a scar across our state if it were built and discarded as unprofitable.

Pembina wants to make a quick profit before renewable energy takes over our power needs. We have a foreign country, Canada, wanting to sell foreign LNG to foreign countries. We should not destroy our land to help them.

The future of Coos Bay is in the bay itself. We need a clear focus from the Port and Coos County commissioners on tourism and small, energy efficient industries. Our future is in clear water, healthy trees, fishing, boating, and using our lovely landscape in a productive way, not by gouging a wound across the Coast range for a defunct and grasping industry.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay

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