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Tuesday night was a disaster, not just for the progressives, but for the environment, for healthcare, for our economy, and for our future. Establishment Democrats, some of them incumbents, some of them backed by incumbents, won over progressive challengers in many races across Oregon. Undoubtedly backed by corporate PAC money, crony capitalists, and/or very wealthy individuals, establishment Democrats like Peter DeFazio and Cal Mukumoto won over progressive, grassroots fighters like Doyle Canning and Mark Daily.

Mukumoto specifically was propelled by a few platitudinous, but key endorsements from incumbent State Rep. Caddy McKeown, and incumbent State Sen. Arnie Roblan, as well as John Whitty. Daily managed to get ~30% of the vote this time, as opposed to the ~18% he got in '18, and even those it shows a growing group of progressive/anti-establishment voters, it wasn't enough. Both Daily and Canning were anti-LNG, were publicly opposed to the Jordan Cove Energy Project, were pro-green new deal, supported M4A, supported a minimum wage increase, supported getting corporate money out of politics, etc.

They actually supported solutions to problems in our district, they actually recognized the problems experienced by working people, poor people and marginalized communities. They had a platform with clear bullet points on what they felt were solutions, and they didn't start standing up for these things yesterday. The establishment Democrats have nothing but vagueness and incremental change. We are facing crises that require transformational change, like climate change, economic collapse, global pandemics and other health crises.

My generation is looking forward to student debt and environmental degradation right now. The authoritarian right is on the rise, and I'm told that I have to continue shrugging and voting for centrists who, in reality, have been pulled to the right constantly for decades? No, I don't owe my vote to anybody, YOU don't owe your vote to anybody, and you don't have to support a party that puts in the extra effort to make sure candidates who support the policies YOU NEED don't win. I say #DEMEXIT, and go green. The green party is anti-LNG, anti-JCEP, and is more likely to support progressive policies than establishment Democrats. It's not taking your ball and going home, it's taking a stand against a corrupt system of crony capitalists that only serve their special interests, not the people.

They're in a big club and you ain't in it. #DEMEXIT

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay


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