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The reassignment of Bill Lucero:

Now this is taking a vast amount of time, consideration and consumption of effort to come up with the brilliant play on the upper levels within North Bend High and North Bend Middle School.

It's as simple as checkers — your move — and we'll hopefully be done with this "untidy" problem!

Seeking a new face in a new place, sitting in different offices and such. Hey! We could even trade secretaries if we want to! Now we can simmer down to an amiable gait like it used to be.

Just how amiable was that gait before you decided on this huge transfer? Has anyone really let the students have their full say without being "graded on the grades" or having to read — oh — how about the new testament form of punishment?

Form of punishment?

That is about the stupidest turn to I've ever heard of!

Why not say — The new testament or (it would make as much sense) Mother Goose rhymes, Brother's Grimm.

These transferred people are using their authority among the same students. There's no real change here.

The students have their same opinions — they may feel reluctant to voice them — for their fear of some disciplinary action — be it not from reading the Bible now, but perhaps some other form entirely and much more demoralizing, humiliating to the students.

We have our own beliefs. We have been raised differently. We were all born with various DNA strains.

It's just not simple. I mean you can't just move one person or switch two around, especially in the same town and expect miracles to all of a sudden happen and all of a sudden have these kids of all a sudden become as one.

All of you who are at the top of these problems and have proper authority to change areas with difficulties merging close to the surface with the hot promise of a bubble about the burst and cause more of the same not so easily solvable problems (or are they instead ideasl/ideas of the students you wish to be teaching?)

Out of the mouths of babes (to listen closely is to learn).

And from me, in closing, checkers — your move!

Carol Ronquillo

Coos Bay