Oceanfront property in Nevada.

In light of DEQ’s denial of the water quality permit for the Jordan Cove Project one hopes Pembina will cease ramming a dangerous idea based on corporate greed down our collective throats. This will not be the end of their destructive proposition.

Their discussion ends at, “Money talks and sanity walks.” Big oil/gas in disguise as philanthropic benefactors will come whether people want them or not. If you build it, they will come. Here comes big gas and oil Canada style in this new age of lies are truth! Run misleading advertisements meant to pacify the peasantry! Look, up in the sky, it’s a gas, no it’s liquid, impervious to natural disaster, it’s Super Oil! Grease local politicians and flood Kentuck Golf Course. In this brave new world we will save the salmon! They love swimming with decaying golf balls! Mitigation issues solved!

Royal Caribbean is in Eugene. Would not building a cruise ship dock downtown make more sense? The downtown businesses in Astoria are vibrant and thriving. When a ship arrives 900 to 1000 people disembark to spend money in town at their stores, shops and businesses. Imagine shore excursions to Golden and Silver Falls and Sunset Golf Course, one of the coolest nine-hole golf courses on earth. Conservation of what little is left of our precious coast is paramount.

Life gives you things and then takes them away. Family, friends, a beautiful place to live come to mind. Pembina will give us traffic congestion, road rage, increased crime, a menagerie of proprietary chemicals in our air and water supply, light and noise pollution, and rip up 400+ watersheds to send gas to China giving nothing back to our power grid as the largest carbon emissions source in Oregon.

Jordan Cove is a member of SIGTTO. Their purpose is to enhance the safety and remove as many risks as possible for LNG operations. Jordan Cove violates at very least six of their recommendations. A 180’ high LNG tank at the end of an airport runway on a sand dune in a populated tsunami zone is literally insane. I hope I’m out of town when someone says with tragedy to guide them, “I told you so.” If anyone tells you that this project is safe and in our best interest, I have oceanfront property in Nevada that I’d love to sell them.

Jeffery Eberwein

Coos Bay 

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