Current in the news, at least Fox News, there are reports that a crisis is now occurring on our southern border due to the greatly increased number of illegal immigrant crossings. The Democrat Party leadership and the liberal news media call this a Trump "manufactured" crisis to secure funding for the border wall he has pledged to build.

They are misleading us to pander to their anti-Trump base and advance their agendas! Jeh Johnson, Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security, has said, "we are truly in a crisis on our southern border." Interviews with Border Patrol leaders echo this same situation. Why is this happening? Why has there been a dramatic increase in illegal immigrants coming into our country?

I recently received a special report from Justice Watch (JW) which answers this question. JW is a conservative legal foundation whose efforts attempt to counter those of liberal/progressive organizations who use the courts to further their agendas. In this report, JW describes how George Soros, a Democrat Party ally, recently transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation which in turn finances nine affiliate open border organizations which organize and fund the migrant caravans.

JW dispatched an investigative team to study these caravans and among their findings were: 1) The caravans are well organized and financed on the order of a military operation. Bus transportation was included. 2) The mainstream media was complicit in portraying these caravans in a manner to show them as simple people fleeing oppression, which the great majority were not. 3) While we were told these migrants were seeking asylum from persecution, interviews with them revealed they were "marching" to secure jobs and a higher standard of living in the U.S. So their claims of asylum are just a ruse to allow them entry into our country through our lax catch and release court ordered regulations.

But, there is a manufactured crisis on our southern border! It is manufactured by George Soros and his affiliated open-border organizations, with support from the Democrats through their sanctuary designations, refusal to tighten our border laws and refusal to construct barriers that the Border Patrol feels are needed.

By these actions and non-actions, they, the Democrats, are providing incentives for these people to illegally enter and stay in our country, incurring large social and economic damage to us.

James Nielsen 


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