For the past 15 years, Lady Bug Landing Community Garden at 8th and Anderson, downtown Coos Bay, has offered local folks a safe place to plant vegetable gardens to put food on their tables. Volunteers also grow food in demonstration beds, donated to the Coos Food Cupboard, & Mission, up to 1,200 pounds per year.

Unfortunately, this year there have been too many instances of theft of the produce grown by paying members, despite much signage making it clear that this is illegal.

So, before next spring, modifications of the fencing will be done, including installation of locked gates for security. The non-profit South Coast Community Garden Association regrets having to take this step. We are well aware that many people have enjoyed walking through and enjoying the quietude and splendor of the growing plants all summer.

Of course, the garden will be open to the public during the hours when the garden coordinator is working, usually Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Thanks Renee Blom


President, South Coast Community Garden Association &

Lady Bug Landing Garden Coordinator


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