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In the last two months, I've participated in numerous peaceful, anti-racist, pro-sub-community demonstrations in Coos Bay, Bandon and even North Bend. Most of those demonstrations were no reaction, no response, meaning if you drove by and honked, we smiled and waved, and if you flipped us off, we smiled and waved.

Despite other groups of right-wing protesters who get up in the window of your car and yell in your face, or bring their guns, dogs and hockey masks to counter-protest, we've stayed to our no-reaction, no-response rule almost all of the time. I myself have livestreamed over a dozen days of our peaceful Safer As One demonstrations at the boardwalk. We've been met with hostility before and we've never been violent.

However, some people don't want to watch dozens of hours of peaceful demonstrations, they want to post 30-second, obsolete, out of context clips of people saying things when they're emotional and exhausted. We've been peacefully fighting every day for our sub-communities (which many of you misunderstand to be segregation, instead of a Venn diagram of groups of people with similar characteristics within the whole community.) Many of you don't completely understand our fight because you don't understand every sub-community, and that's okay. We want to elevate our sub-communities so that you can get educated on them, so that we can have conversations and we can understand each other better.

As a member of Safer As One, that's been part of our group's goal from day one. However, there are still many in our community that think our local peaceful activism is a cover for some inevitable violence that they see on rightwing media in the cities, and that they think will come here. They think BLM is a terrorist organization, and that their black bloc caricature of antifa is going to loot our stores and burn our town.

I stand with Black Lives Matter and I'm antifa (anti-fascist, not an organization), and I can tell you 100% that nobody is bringing violence here. Not on the 8th, not ever. Coos Bay is seeing specters of violence where there is none. Violent activism would be unprecedented here.

However, some lob threats towards our family friendly demonstration on the 8th, or our daily demonstrations at the boardwalk, and that Coos Bay, is your violence. The violence of the paranoid. We have been peaceful, and we will continue to be.

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay


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