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Speak out. The Jordan Cove Project Energy Project represents the last best chance for a solid economic future. We can lose that chance if we do not speak out. At the last two public hearings most of the attendees were not from Coos County but from Portland, Eugene, Medford and Ashland. What right do these people have to come to our home and tell us what is best for us? Are we children? Are we as was said in a recent letter "country bumpkins" that do not have the smarts to get in out of the rain? No! We live here. We love our bay, our rivers, our forests, and we believe this project will protect them. We believe this project will help secure our children's future.

The time to act is now. Call Governor Brown, 503-378-4582, option 3 and say, "I support the Jordan Cove Project." If you work at a gas station, restaurant, retail store you have a voice. Use it! Do not let someone who does not walk in our shoes decide our future. Call now.

Dick Leshley

Coos Bay

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