The New Year has begun, a new decade is here. Yesterday was filled with much celebration around the world, and the world is now reflecting on the 2010s. I watched multiple decade in review videos yesterday and it was an emotional thing to watch. Sure, there were great moments in this decade. Gay marriage was legalized, cannabis started to be legalized, and we are becoming much more conscious about the climate crisis we are in.

However, the last decade was filled with much tragedy. The climate crisis, gun violence, white supremacy, a bolstered alt-right, continuing systemic racism, corporate corruption, election rigging, stupid political squabbles at the expense of a suffering America, and so much fear. Xenophobia, sinophobia, islamophobia, russophobia etc. All while the wealthiest people in the world hoard all the money, pollute the planet and push us towards wars that suit their interests.

Even today we are sending hundreds of troops to Iraq because Iraqi protesters attacked a U.S. Embassy on New Year's Eve. We are in 2020 now and we are still in Afghanistan. We begin the 2020s with escalating American imperialism. We begin the 2020s with unbelievable wealth inequality. We the people are suffering while the elites in both parties are doing just fine. So here is my warning for this following decade:

Beware the elites that try to tell you what we can and cannot do, say or believe. Beware of those that try to make you turn your frustration as a suffering American into hatred of another person, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or where they are from. Beware the intelligence agencies that give you propaganda to further their imperialist pursuits. Beware the ultra-rich CEOs that own fortune 500 companies and myriad things they don't need while you see people who sleep on the street or who can't afford their medical debts.

Beware the moderate that doesn't believe we can accomplish radical changes that are incredibly necessary, like a green new deal or Medicare for all. Beware the media that distracts you with celebrity news and films and games and music and constant political scandals that do not really affect you or I. Also however, beware your own power as one of the people. The 2010s saw a rise in activism not seen for decades, and resistance is being formed worldwide. Do not be afraid to be part of it.

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay

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