My water bill with the CB Transportation Fee arrived again yesterday. It got me thinking about the gas tax that was on the ballot a year or two ago which was pretty soundly defeated. I voted for that tax because I thought it was fair, we need to repair our streets and other people traveling through our county, who buy gas here, would also contribute. I buy between 20 and 30 gallons a month which would have translated to $2-3 in taxes. I would have to buy 200 gallons a month to equal that $10 fee.

Now I imagine there are many households with multiple cars that buy that much gas in a month, but I also bet there are many more who, like me, use way less than that. Did you vote against the gas tax? If so, it is costing you more money now than that would have. Some people just vote against anything that sounds like a tax without thinking it through. This time, the joke may well be on you.

June Willoughby

Coos Bay

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