A lot of claims are being made about what is on the ballot this year. When we all scrape away the hyperbole and rhetoric, the fear tactics and aggression, we all agree on simple truths — we want to vote for candidates that listen to those they serve. The Oregon Education Association has endorsed Melissa Cribbins and Cal Mukumoto in this year’s local elections because we need their leadership so schools can properly serve the needs of our future.

This year two local incumbents are retiring. Melissa Cribbins is running against Dick Anderson for Senate District 5, and Cal Mukumoto is running against Boomer Wright for House District 9. Melissa and Cal’s campaigns have spoken in length about their commitment to education, and though these candidates differ on their emphasis, one fact remains clear — they both support the Student Success Act (SSA) while their opponents oppose it.

You may hear Boomer Wright and Dick Anderson talk about repealing the “Tax on Oregon Businesses,” but this misleading title is synonymous with the SSA. Wright and Anderson don’t want to have a 0.057% tax on gross receipts for businesses that have over $1 million in sales annually — less than 10% of all businesses across the state, and this limited tax has already provided schools with massive amounts of funding.

Even though this year's funding for the SSA wasn't fully implemented due to the pandemic, the limited funding North Bend did received resulted in: hiring more student support staff, acquisition of mental health curriculum, hiring an additional therapist, updating safety and security protocols, and other staffing priorities that promote education.

To receive the OEA’s endorsement, candidates were asked to complete small packets and arrange an interview with a committee. Two candidates didn’t even bother to fill out the packets, sending a clear signal to educators and the populace that they don’t care to listen to the opinions of educators when it comes to the topic of education. Which two candidates don’t need to listen to those they serve? Boomer Wright and Dick Anderson. Help us elect Mukumoto and Cribbins to support our children.


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