Words referring to the recent Kentucky gas-pipeline explosion were familiar to Jordan Cove opponents. Here are phrases from The Courier Journal: a resident remarked, “I thought the world was coming to an end,” a Kentucky State Trooper said the scene, “looks more like Mars than anything,” a Lincoln County Deputy said, "there was fire everywhere," and a homeowner already scared of the pipeline told them it was, “my worst nightmare.” A Calgary TV news reporter used this language; “massive explosion,” “shook people out of their beds,” and “lit-up the night sky.”

Corporations don’t have consciences, they have legal departments. Enbridge INC of Canada, owner of the pipeline, put out an immediate statement about being aware of and responding to a rupture. A day later their CEO remarked they were “deeply saddened” by the death they caused. I’m pretty sure they are not as sad as the victim’s family, friends, and neighbors. Nine homes were destroyed or damaged and five more people hospitalized. Regrets aside about the horror, an NBC quote demonstrates this corporation’s real attitude: “In January, a different portion of the same pipeline exploded and caused a fire in Noble County, Ohio. Two people were injured. The same pipeline also suffered an explosion and fire in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in April 2016, injuring one person and damaging $2.3 million worth of property in addition to property owned by Enbridge.” The injured and the property owners of those events are probably still dealing with Enbridge’s legal department in Canada.

Please understand Pembina wants their pipeline for JCEP to be located directly under our McCullough Bridge. Their plan includes burying a 36-inch diameter high-pressure pipe just a few feet underground there. They've asked the City of North Bend for a permit to do this. It’s reckless, and it's breath-taking to request a location so close to North Bend residents. Furthermore, Highway 101 is our lifeline. The proposed terminal and pipeline locations are a double-dose of danger for people. The only simple part of their plan is Pembina makes money and gives us the risk.

The Kentucky coroner’s finding said the victim of the Enbridge blowout died from “thermal exposure.” Those are terrifying words to think about! Let’s remember the person that was lost, Lisa Denise Derringer. She was 58, a mom, drove a semi-truck for Jim Beam, and raised donkeys. More importantly, others described her as “a real good woman.”

Janice Williams

North Bend

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