I am writing this letter to ask everyone who reads this to support the upcoming Coos Bay City Council meeting and ask them to deny the Jordan Cove Pipeline and LNG terminal dredging application because it is wrong for so many reasons ....

It is wrong for Pembina, owner of Jordan Cove Project, to go into communities and try to buy them off so that their project goes through. Oregon will be left with pollution, decreased property values along the path of the pipeline and degradation of Coos Bay, while Pembina cashes in selling fracked liquid natural gas to Asian markets.

It is wrong for Pembina to expect to reshape Coos Bay to accommodate the mega tankers which would come to its facility twice a week. Such tankers would need exclusive access to our bay, barring use from our local fishing and recreational boating community. These enormous tankers would be escorted by armed boats and would monopolize our bay.

It is wrong for Pembina to expose Coos Bay/North Bend to the noise, air and light pollution of a plant that operates around the clock. Tourism would undoubtedly suffer as dunes access and boating opportunities would dwindle. The cities would also be in grave danger if a tsunami or earthquake happened to cause an explosion in what is often called the “incineration zone."

The Lane Council of Governments has been hired by the city to review the application and comments. They have recommended a denial on the Jordan Cove application because it is not in the public’s interest and they have deemed that dredging modifications needed for these massive tankers will not bring a public benefit.

If you agree with me that this project is bad for Coos Bay and wrong on as many levels as I do, please tell the Coos Bay City Council to deny this application to proceed any further.

Coos Bay City Council will be meeting on the dredging application on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. inside of Council Chambers (500 Central Ave.). Thank you for standing up for what is right!

Suzanne Church

North Bend

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