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Vote by mail puts Oregon at the forefront of encouraging all citizens to vote, and now a bill introduced to the House Rules Committee (HB 4158) would require Oregon to include postage — paid return envelopes — in your ballot envelopes if passed. There would be no more searching for a stamp, or making a run to the post office to buy one, if this legislation passes all the levels to make it to the governor's desk.

Oregonians not only have a right to vote, it is the duty of all citizens to exercise that right to ensure that voters have a real voice in the governing of our state. By informing ourselves of the candidates and the ballot measures we can also ensure that we have an election and not an auction, in which the person or corporation with the most money can win an election even if it is not in the best interests of the citizens.

You can help HB 4158 pass by contacting your state legislators and letting them know that you want the state to add this next step to our successful vote by mail program, and then use it the next time a ballot arrives in your mailbox.

Carol Acklin