Nov. 30th's Register Guard Opinion Page cartoon shows a house named Oregon being dominated by a gigantic, above ground, riveted LNG pipeline labeled “Jordan Cove." The caption reads “On the bright side, when the BIG ONE hits, climate change will be the least of my worries …." Lots of fear: pipeline, corporation, earthquake, rising CO2.

Willamette Valley residents with many gas pipelines underground for decades — has the process proven safe? We all drive our vehicle's butts on a gas bomb — evidently we trust fossil fuel technology?

Greedy, uncaring corporation: JCEP has already donated thousands to creditable, nonprofit Oregon organizations. How much has the opposition given to help our communities?

Earthquakes. Scientific research states the Oregon coast is least concerning for seismicity, making Coos Bay one of, if not the, safest (and most efficient) shipping harbor along the entire Pacific Rim.

Asian Pacific countries contribute 50% of the entire world’s human CO2 emissions due to coal-based energy. Natural gas burns 50% less CO2 than coal. Common sense says use more natural gas, less coal, especially in Asian Pacific markets. Support LNG including JCEP to lower global CO2.

An old Oregon proverb: “Don’t urinate down my back and tell me it’s raining.” Picture that as a relevant political cartoon.

William Gaunt

Coos Bay

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