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Costs exceed benefits. Jon Barton wrote a thought-provoking rebuttal to my opinion on Jordan Cove. I agree, we should stay with facts. Charleston residents will hardly notice the project until it begins to spew 1,936 million tons/year of greenhouse gases, but the good folks living on "Sandblast Hill" in North Bend will get the "Full Monty" view. And first crack at the smell: Will it smell like rotten eggs all the time?

Anyone who has shopped at the North Bend Safeway on a windy day knows what a wind tunnel feels like. That fresh air blowing from the north Pacific can knock you down, but if you take the time to smell it, it's delicious. The "Boosters" want to locate the seventh largest industrial polluter in Oregon at the mouth of that wind tunnel. What could go wrong?

The number of ships entering the bay doesn't bother me as much as the frequency of dredging. Silt kills. Ocean acidification is a grave risk to shellfish, Barton writes; He doesn't add that it is caused by industrial pollution.

He writes, "Gas production will generate hundreds of sustainable jobs." It won't create them here, sadly, but on the "western slope of the Rockies." Even more jobs would be created there if you turned that pipeline northward from Grand Junction, Colorado, and build it straight into Canada.

I don't care about those faraway jobs; I care about how many (above minimum wage) jobs this project will create for workers living right here, right now. The "Boosters" say, " Maybe some, where possible."

I don't care about the quality of air in China. I care about the quality of air right here.

Barton says there will be an increase in the taxable base for schools, health care, security, etc., that "would not be available but for LNG." How much of the need for an increase in services will be CAUSED by LNG? James Fereday wrote a very concise letter about greenhouse gas: "This is just one of the many costs above benefits that (Jordan Cove) will have on our community ..."

Well said, Mr. Fereday.

Salesmen love to wrap themselves in the American flag. If the "Boosters" would stop waving the flag about how great Jordan Cove will be for the whole wide world, maybe we could concentrate on the damage it will do to Coos Bay and North Bend.

Ron Dudas

Coos Bay