Who’s to blame if we don’t get the much needed economic shot in the arm provided by the Jordan Cove opportunity? YOU ARE, if you don’t make your wishes known to FERC and other permitting agencies as well as state and local government. Squeaky wheels get the grease!

The opposition is small but highly vocal, well organized, well funded and spearheaded by organizations from afar with no interest in this community or its wellbeing. They have imbued local folks with lots of idealistic sizzle but very little steak. It is pretty hard to find the substance supporting their rhetoric.

The last of the FERC public hearings will be Monday, June 24 at the Hale Center at SWOCC. Testimony will be taken in private, one on one, with a FERC representative - no intimidating booing and hissing from the opposition. Even your next door neighbor won’t know what you said to FERC unless they are prepared to do a lot of digging in the record.

The benefits this project brings to southern Oregon have been spelled out so many times in so many ways you needn’t be bored with a repeat here (key points below). There will be information at the hearing that could jog your memory and arm you with some hard facts in preparation for your interview with the FERC representative. Please feel free to take advantage of the service.

We also need support with the Division of State Lands removal and fill permit to do the dredging necessary to excavate the dock area and widen a few places in the channel to accommodate the large tanker ships. You still have a few days to submit your comments to them. You know the opposition will. If you want your voice to be heard, speak up! Both DSL and DEQ are accessible online or by phone.

Ken Armstrong DEQ Mary Camarata,

Communications Manager Project Coordinator.

Phone: 503-986-5298 541-687-7435

Key Points:

A. Jobs, jobs and more jobs.

B. Significant tax revenue (or equivalent fees in lieu of) for schools, public safety, cities and many others.

What’s not to like? The ball is in your court. Take action NOW!.

Jon Barton

Coos Bay

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