In a nail-biting finish to Coos Bay Public Library’s annual Spelling Bee on Friday, April 12, the women of Pollen Nation’s seven-year winning streak came to an end by a surprise finish for the one team out of nine who managed all 20 (50? 100!?) rounds without a single misspelling.

A family affair, Zymurgy was not only the one team who ran the gauntlet unscathed. They were also the only team with all three team members sharing the same last name — good show Adames, good show! Enjoy your victory, Zymurgy.

Thanks to the array of effective imbibements at Black Market Gourmet, we enjoyed our cackle party of poor loser-ship with plans for revenge next year! And believe me, Almost As Good As Autocorrect, Bewildererd BeeBops, Dewey Decimators, The Hive, Marine Bees, and Philologos Tribus are undoubtedly plotting, as well. Ha, ha! In fact, a legal do-over may be due the Bewildered BeeBops on a technicality where the honorable judge mistakenly ruled a “that is correct” that was quickly shouted down by the mob present. Until next year!

Jenny Jones

North Bend

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