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In October I received a postcard from PPL notifying me of their 'smart meter' installation. I called as I was told in 2012 that this was NOT going to happen here. I was also told that I could 'opt out' for a monthly meter reading fee of $36 a month.

I already pay for that in my current bill but I did opt out as these meters have not been proven safe to have on houses. They cause fires, emit radiation as they pulse on a 24-hour basis, and they monitor your home activities which is a breach of my Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

I have been in touch with Coos Bay City Council and the County Commissioners to help us ban these illegal opt out fees so we can have a choice and not be controlled by yet another corporation.

There are many of us that cannot afford these opt out fees, have medical issues that are exacerbated by radio waves, do not want our houses to catch on fire and have not even had the opportunity to opt out due to no or very little prior notice.

If you also have concerns, please join us on Jan. 15th, in the Owen Building, 225 N. Adams, Coquille, at 6 p.m. for a ‘work session’ with the commissioners to have your voices heard.

Amy Levin

Coos Bay

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