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A project the size of Jordan Cove will require extensive dredging but in order to survive and thrive as a commercial port dredging and channel modification will be required. If we want to compete for shippers of commodities we must modernize.

As I listen to the strident, fear mongering opposition I have come to believe that they would only be satisfied if the bay would silt up and all industry would wither. For example, a alternative use for the North Spit that has been suggested is the manufacturing of sea going wind generators. I am very much in favor but does anyone think that such an activity could be done without dredging or other negative environmental or social impacts? Given the rather poor return on investment of this type of investment there would have to be taxpayer dollars invested. In other words public dollars would be a big part of this type project. I see an immediate organized resistance to the manufacturing of sea going wind generators.

Jordan Cove is offering to build a $10 billion facility with private dollars. This facility will pay $45 million a year in fees in lieu of taxes for 19 years to Coos County governments and agencies. How are we to recruit another business of this size? Who is going to even try given the not in my backyard mentality of the area?

Let's make sure that Jordan Cove meets or exceeds all the requirements of the many permits it needs to proceed. When it is built let's make sure Jordan Cove continues to be good stewards of our physical and social environment. Let us all speak out if we want a thriving commercial port. If we don't then let us change direction and let the bay silt up.

Dick Leshley

Coos Bay

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