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The American people have not had to sacrifice as one nation, one people since they did away with the military draft after the Vietnam War. (I'm a veteran of that war). 

It's real easy to be "patriotic," fly the flag when people don't have to sacrifice anything themselves.

Now, the American people are asked to sacrifice on behalf of others and 25% of our population is unable to do that because they're so self-centered, self-absorbed that they simply cannot show consideration for others.

Not surprisingly, it's the same 25% that supports Trump, who is their role model for self-centeredness, self-absorbtion. I find it incredible in his hours-long press conferences, he has not taken one "moment of silence" to pay respects for 72,000-plus Americans who have passed — not an emphathetic bone in his body.

According to the CDC/NIH, one out of every three Americans is significantly overweight or obese, including our children. The associated medical conditions are the biggest drain on our health care systems and probably a significant percent of people who have died from COVID-19. Food is just another addiction and should be treated as such — fat is not how the Amercian people used to be — or soft.

Robert Lynn

Winchester Bay


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