I have been very dismayed at the one sided coverage of Pacific Power’s roll out of smart meters in Coos County. The articles in the World have been very pro smart meters giving very little voice to the many of us who strongly oppose being forced to have these invasive computers attached to our homes.

On November 1 we had a 'town hall' meeting were over 70 upset citizens expressed their concerns of health, safety, privacy and the punitive $36 opt out fee being imposed on them.

On December 5 over a dozen of us presented testimony to the County Commissioners again about these pressing concerns. Several folks have also been talking to their city council members as well. Hearing from the power companies about how safe these meters are is like listening to doctors in the 1950s saying cigarette smoking is good for you, asbestos is safe, and thalidomide is good for morning sickness.

Notification of the roll out has been inadequate. Many residents have had these meters put on their homes without notice. Some who have opted out have had to be vigilant as PPL workers have been installing them on anyway.

Oh and if you want your analog meter back? Too bad you will have to settle for a non-radio frequency meter for the cost of $169. And despite the corporate propaganda smart meters DO cause fires, pulse every 30-45 seconds on a 24 hour basis (I have witnessed this), and as General Petraeus stated are great surveillance tools.

Amy Levin

Coos Bay

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