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This letter is in reference to the article that was published in The World on Dec. 22, 2018, concerning the possible demise of SCINT. SCINT is a vitally important asset to our community that performs a wide variety of investigating and uncovering of illegal drug trafficking and smuggling operations. Perhaps the people in Coos County are unaware of all that SCINT does to keep our community safe from the suppliers of drugs on the West Coast, which in turn stops the dealers from profiting from the distribution of drugs to people (young and old) in our area.

What will happen if SCINT is dissolved? The majority of property crimes are related to drug use, but many other drug related crimes involve personal assaults, sex abuse, elder and child abuse.

According to The Oregonian (10/11/17) the state will distribute millions of dollars from the marijuana industry, so why can't a portion of the tax revenue be allocated to SCINT? If funding is an issue, where is the marijuana tax money going? If dissolving SCINT is an issue, how does that benefit our community?

SCINT SHOULD STAY! They are needed to keep our seniors, children and our community safe and secure. The local law enforcement officers will NOT be able to deal with the drug trafficking that goes through Coos County. The local law enforcement will be too busy stopping the influx of crime. Who will be watching the airport for drugs that can be shipped in and out of the county?

According to a statement by Sheriff Zanni, departments are taking officers from SCINT to staff their shortage of law enforcement officers. My question is why can't these various law enforcement agencies recruit from the academies instead of taking staff away from SCINT? This just doesn't seem right or fair.

Drugs are bad all over and there is a heroin and opioid crisis in our area. Retaining SCINT cannot be overstated as well as the safety for all.

I urge everyone in our community to express your thoughts to local law enforcement agencies and the Coos County Commissioners to keep SCINT alive and fully funded, it is important to our safety.

Carol Shurden

North Bend

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