Is it possible to be more saturated with Canadian company Pembina/Jordan Cove Energy (JCEP) advertising on local television stations?  Do you feel like shouting — and a partridge in a pear tree?

I support your right to have a 200 mile, 36-inch, 1600psi natural gas pipeline and a humongous LNG factory and rail cars full of toxic byproducts in your back yard. I welcome and enjoy reading letters to the editor from uninformed, self–appointed, experts (pro and con) who offer a local LNG opinion. I care that my neighbor’s property may be seized through eminent domain. I care that Pembina does not appear to have the fiscal ability to build a LNG factory and we do not know the next JCEP owner.  I care that my neighbors are not bamboozled.

Current JCEP ads state that there is 18,000 miles of pipeline in Oregon. That is fact, according to Salem folks who govern pipelines.  Relatively little is 36 inch diameter 1600psi natural gas. Further, we are told that JCEP will “invest” $100 million to “restore” habitat and “preserve” forest. Why would Pembina shareholders spend $100 million to restore anything if they did not cause the damage requiring restoration?

Further, we shouldn’t be concerned about a pipeline “spill” because we are dealing with a gas, not a liquid.  Partially correct. Piping and pipelines within the factory and from factory to vessel will be liquefied natural gas. Eventually gas from any ruptured pipeline will dissipate.  But how many thousands of cubic feet of unoderized gas will be pushed out of a ruptured pipeline in your neighborhood before somebody realizes what is happening? The gas will be searching for an ignition source — a camp fire; a child’s outdoor birthday cake candle; your cigarette when you inhale.

Catastrophic LNG factory and pipeline events worldwide are well documented.  And recall the double hulls of the 1,050 foot long oil tanker vessel MV Limburg that were easily penetrated by terrorists causing a 90,000 gallon oil spill.

Isn’t it time for our elected and appointed state of Oregon politicians to assure us that they will soon make informed decisions regarding JCEP that are based on verifiable fact and not on incomplete, unsupported, unbelievable, legally unenforceable, emotion generating TV advertising promises intended to get their support.

Fred Kirby

Coos Bay

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