Here is the case for Jessica Engelke versus James Rose.

North Bend has a choice for mayor this November. Engelke has a proven record of working for North Bend. From her young days as a July Jubilee Princess to her more recent city council commitment and her work with the chamber of commerce, she has demonstrated her abilities.

With a new city administrator from out of our area, it is important we have a mayor who knows the city and its employees and, from day one, can help the new administrator transition into his job. Elgelke is that person.

Rose's biography shows no service on any city committee or advisory board, no council membership, no library or school board service. No help for the July Jubilee either. He was not there when service to North Bend was involved. (In 2004 Rose did announce a Positive Action Committee [The World 5/26/04] which Mayor Wetherell viewed as Rose's way to keep the consolidation issue alive. The Positive Action Committee faded away.)

In 2004, citizens who cared about the survival of North Bend as a free and independent city enlisted in the Pro North Bend group. I vividly recall those days. James Rose did not join us. (Engelke was out the the area.) I cannot imagine citizens who really care about North Bend supporting a man who was not with the Pro North Bend group at the most decisive time in the city's recent history.

James Rose is backed by John Briggs (North Bend's pro-consolidation former mayor.) The future of North Bend could again be at risk of a pro-consolidation backed candidate wins the November election.

I urge a vote for Jessica Engelke for mayor.

Dick Wagner

Historian of North Bend



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