I want a QUALIFIED mayor. James Rose is just that person. He's been an active resident in NB community for over 18 years. Among his many qualifications, besides being an upstanding honest person whom we can trust, are a Master's Degree in Financial Management and a BS in Business Administration. During his military service in the Navy, he dealt with multi-million dollar budgets.

Jim has extensively studied the NB City budget and has found numerous wastes and misuse of City funds. PRIORITIES need to be considered and James Rose is ready to tackle this issue.

TRANSPARENCY is very important to Jim. The public needs to be informed. No more hidden agendas and Council votes that directly affect the residents. Mr. Rose will RESPECT and HONOR our vote on all matters presented to the citizens on a duly held election.

He stands ready to tackle important issues such affordable housing, homelessness, infrastructure and recruitment of medical service providers, just to name a few.

In this day and age we need a person with good ETHICS to be our leader. I've worked with Jim for over a year and know he will be FABULOUS MAYOR. He's attuned with the needs of our City.

He wants to hear from the citizens regarding important issues ... hard questions. And then work toward solving them.

If you would like to read more, please see: www.votejamesrosemayor.com

Phone: 541-297-8761

Also, the League of Women voters Mayoral debate October 14 (will be recast on their website and public access channel, Charter channel 192)

Most of all, PLEASE VOTE!

Debra Bankler

North Bend





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