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I write today in response to two assertions by a proponent of the Jordan Cove (JC) natural gas export facility and pipeline.

One assertion is that preventing JC will not reduce fracking. Not necessarily. Preventing JC discourages fracked American gas to be used in Asia. If success is achieved in stopping JC, fracked gas that would have gone to the Asia market would remain in the U.S. That gas then becomes available to increase the total amount of gas available in the U.S. This relative increase in the supply puts downward pressure on the price of gas in the U.S. The relative increase in supply puts further pressure to reduce production of gas by fracking.

A second assertion is that a family wage job is a kinda cultural imperative, validating one's existence, and is a foundation for one's family and descendants. However there are challenges to our community when the JC path to that end is chosen. One such challenge is the boom then bust economy that building the JC facility and pipeline will cause. Thousands of workers will come here creating moral and immoral economic demands. When the project is complete they'll all leave and an economic bust will set in. Coos County has painfully felt the poverty, family disruption, and drug abuse of a bust in the timber industry. If JC is to be built, Coos County will go through all that again. I've been in Coos County for the pain of the timber industry bust. It's something we must prevent from happening again. Its a reason to oppose the project.

Joining the fossil fuel industry's dead-end is not the only way we can achieve the economic foundations for our family and descendants that we want. Today there is hope in Congress for a “green New Deal.” At the Oregon legislature there is hope this session in a “clean energy jobs bill.” In Coos County there is talk of using our port and community as a hub for building and maintaining a major offshore wind energy project along the coast. Large offshore wind energy projects are underway in New England. In Denmark large offshore wind projects have achieved a multi-year record of energy production. Offshore wind is an environmentally sound project idea with a record of success. It's an idea that can bring family wage jobs to Coos County, jobs that last for generations!

Michael Krumper

North Bend

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