The day after the Mueller testimony I went blueberry picking in a local patch. It wasn't long before I was being lambasted with the loud opinions and political analysis of three senior citizen women two rows over.

Their takeaway of the proceedings were drastically different than my own. I was chuckling to myself until they proclaimed that it was too bad that President Trump had not been shot while visiting North Korea. They went on to say that, "everyone would be happy with that." At that point in time I had had enough, and stressed to these women that not everyone would think that that was a good idea. They quickly changed the subject and speedily moved farther down the row.

It is very evident that the hate spewing media and anti-America politicians are making a very negative impact on our society. The idea that the Democrat Party is the party of love, respect and diversity is a farce. The fact is, there are people that actually think it would be acceptable to murder our president, or anyone else for that matter, is both appalling and very scary to me.

There are rights and then there are wrongs. At this point it is very easy for me to conclude that it is not the Republican Party that is in the wrong. I worry for our society and the generation that is growing up in it today having no prior knowledge of the great accomplishments and good of our ancestors. I once against stress to people to think for themselves, use common sense, and acknowledge the important things our country stands for.

Lona Yeiter


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