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The property tax bills are out and within two weeks rents are already going up. The shop where I work part time got an increase. Three friends who rent got raises and one may be priced out of her small apartment.

Home owners who pay their tax in their mortgage will get an increase. It never ends ... and the City Council has not given up the idea of adding a fee (TAX) on the water bill for POTHOLES.

If you believe $10 would be the end of ... you are wrong. North Bend started at $5 ... went to $10 and then $15 and wanted to add $10 more ... but it was voted down.

Contact the Mayor and the City Council and tell them this a bad idea. A lot of people in this community are living on tight budgets and a rent increase is hard to absorb and an additional $10 might just be the straw that breaks.

Rick Shearer

Coos Bay

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