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For years my family and I have made a point of recycling to do what we can to save the environment. We washed, drained and stored our recyclables and took them to the Beaver Hill disposal site. This week I was charged $5 for my recycling. I had no other trash, just cans, bottles, newspapers and milk jugs.

Not only that, we saved all of our bottles and cans that had a deposit and donated them to the "Star of Hope" charity organization, which provides assistance to individuals with development disabilities.

Being on a fixed income, all dollars count, so now I'm forced to take my bottles and cans to the grocery store to get their deposits so I can use that money to pay the fee for saving the environment by recycling.

So not only has the so-called leadership of Coos County punished individuals for making the effort of recycling, we wash, drain and store the recycling, not to mention the drive from Bandon to the disposal site. The county is also taking money away from the "Star of Hope."

Isn't it enough that I pay taxes, which are raised on a regular basis, that pay the salaries of the employees, maintenance and equipment of the disposal site? Not to mention that they sell the recyclables for a profit?

Our county leaders should be ashamed of themselves, punishing individuals who do what they can to make donations and save the environment. I hope the citizens of Coos County remember this come election time.

Jay Straley